There are quite a few scripts out there for checking whether the Caps Lock key is on. However, the top searches for a helpful JavaScript function turn up a lot of dated, obsolete code that usually doesn’t work or uses techniques that are frowned upon, such as obtrusive JavaScript.

In this article I will show you a modern, unobtrusive, cross-browser way of detecting Caps Lock. See the script

Calibrating multiple monitors can be a real pain, especially if they aren’t the same models. To make matters worse, Photoshop might be altering your image colors on the fly with the help of your GPU. See the cause and solution.

While date formats are common issues address by designers and developers every day. However, date formats are a universal topic that plague people everywhere. Is one way better than another?

Paste text in the window for instant character and line count. URL encode or decode your text with the buttons below. Use the tool

A website’s “favorites icon” or “bookmark icon” is an often-overlooked element on a web page. Web designers and developers implement this simple image in different ways. In this article, I will explain the differences and the solid way to use your favicon. Let’s talk icons.

Over 10 years ago, IE6 had major problems when dealing with PNG transparency.

In their infinite wisdom, Microsoft continued this comedy of errors years later with Internet Explorer 7 AND years after that with Internet Explorer 8!

In this article, I’ll show you how I fixed the ugly black outline issue with 3 simple words. See the CSS.

Since IE6 finally phased out, Internet Explorer 7 becomes the last true headache for web designers. Webkit, gecko, and IE8 browsers have subtle differences, but it is somewhat easy to make a consistent design. See the IE7 solution.

Formal writing styles usually call for paragraphs to be indented. It is rarely seen on the web, though. This is due to the fact that HTML code ignores the tab key, which is commonly used to indent paragraphs in offline word processors. see how it should be handled.

This is actually’s first post ever regarding WordPress itself, which is the engine that powers this website.

This article is nothing new and is really going to benefit me the most, because deleting post revisions is something that is done every couple of weeks here. Now I will have a permanent record of this SQL statement. Get your query.

Welcome to another article on Building Better Web Pages. This article series comprehensively covers building an HTML document: easily learned, but rarely perfected.

This article is dedicated solely to the <table> tag. Tables are everywhere, and almost every single one is improperly implemented. This article will show the proper syntax for your tables. See the code.