So you want to open a drop down select box without clicking on it? For years, people have been looking for the answer to this question. While everything else on the web has been changing since, the answer to this question remains the same. See the answer


GTR Evolution
Force Feedback: Full
Pedals: Separate
Shift Lights: Yes
Released: May 18, 2010
LED and FFB requires patch

This article is part of our series: The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel for Casual Racing Gamers. Here, we will cover setting up your G27 racing wheel to play GTR Evolution. GTR Evolution was developed by SimBin and published by Atari and Viva Media.

This game is an expansion of the “Official WTCC Game” Race07, and is a simulation racing title that takes place on the track. GTR Evolution (PC) Released Sep. 2, 2008

How bugs like this get past QA will always remain a mystery to me. Regardless, a lot of PC users attempting to play the wild west shooter “Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood” reported that they could not even launch the game. See the black screen fix.

Web development covers a lot of material, and even someone like myself who has done it for years can forget stuff many times before it sets in. We all have those *facepalm* moments. In this article, I will discuss what can and can’t be done with the id and name attributes, and why. (more…)

If you jump right into Alpha Protocol, especially the PC version, it may appear confusing to you when the game says to select a specialization after the Saudi Arabia mission.

There is no in-game direction or tool-tip that simply explains what specialization is or how to select it. In fact, the game simply brings up the skills selection screen that you are already used to seeing. See the explanation.

Alpha Protocol combines James Bond with Mass Effect… Or maybe it’s Jason Bourne… Or Jack Bauer… Okay, so it combines one of the JB’s with Mass Effect. Either way, you know there is going to be a lot of talking between characters.

What do you do, however, when all of your dialogue options are blank? See inside.

Aside from an aggravating texture loading bug, Singularity for the PC is a great looking game. Sadly, however, the video options do not include choices for anti-aliasing.

It is, of course, easy to force anti-aliasing in Singularity and make a good looking game better… if you have an Nvidia card. Prepare for a performance hit.

If you deal with more than external JavaScript file on a web page, it is only a matter of time before you run into a problem with window.onload. If two scripts each use window.onload, then the first function gets overwritten by the second. Learn how to handle it here.