Almost every good PHP application will be need to access some global values at some point. Constants are a programming pattern that you can access anywhere, at anytime and be sure that it won’t be overwritten. You will find this universal concept in almost every programming language. In this article, I will consolidate some great tips for working with constants in PHP and the specifics to keep an eye on. All about constants.

WordPress has helpful functions tag clouds, terms, categories and more inside your blog. I find it helpful to be able to monitor my data outside of WP occasionally with direct database queries. Get your data.

Like most web developers who publish articles, I always preach about standards and best practices (which, incidentally, makes me wonder why we don’t see more loud-mouthed naysayers who try to get recognition by writing about how all that is a big joke.) This article will be no different, except this time no one can argue about whether it makes a real difference. Today, I will be talking about progressive enhancement. Enhance it!