It has been three years ago this month that PHP 5.3.0 was released and quite a few legacy functions became deprecated. Since I have my hands on a serious amount of aging enterprise projects, I can without a doubt say that the most common deprecated function I see is split(). Upgrade your code inside.

Electronic arts has shown fans of the Medal of Honor series a new MOH:Warfighter multiplayer gameplay trailer at E3. See the video.

Sony Santa Monica showed off some gameplay from it’s new God of War title “Ascension” at E3 and also served up a nearly hour long interview with game director Todd Papy See the videos.

EA and Visceral Games just showed off the latest trailer of its hit franchise Dead Space at the Electronics Entertainment Expo today. See the trailer.

Syndicate is very straightforward through most of the game, but like many people, I came to an impasse in the EuroCorp Spire mission (Milestone 18). After climbing the stairs to the top where the fire is, I found an elevator power breach that said “Initiate Power Reroute,” which does nothing. See the solution.