More often than not, I find myself wanting to add my own content to things instead of going directly through digital stores like Amazon and iTunes. Add your books!

Sega and Gearbox just showed off the latest trailer of the newest addition to the Aliens video game franchise, Aliens: Colonial Marines. See the trailer.

Since they don’t have a store to wait in front of, Amazon doesn’t have a traditional Black Friday ad circular. No lines, no waiting. Here is their Black Friday line up of Blu Ray disc, DVD, and video game software deals. (more…)

Dishonored is a well-polished game. Everything was pretty intuitive except for the use of a rewire tool. How do you select the rewire tool? Where do you use it? If you are here, you were as confused as I was when it didn’t appear in my inventory wheel. See the simple usage inside.

NFS: Most Wanted (PC)
Force Feedback: None
Pedals: Separate
Shift Lights: None
Released: Oct 30, 2012

Our 19th article of SolidlyStated’s longest running series: The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel for Casual Racing Gamers. This time around, I will attempt to set up the G27 racing wheel to play NFS: Most Wanted on PC. I say “attempt” because this game is a dismal failure for steering wheel owners everywhere and is driving this franchise right into the ground. Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012

It’s still three weeks until Black Friday 2012, but already the tablet wars are heating up. SolidlyStated is taking a break from the “tablet brands you never heard of” series to look at what the big brands have put at the $200 tablet price point. So what is the best $200 tablet for the 2012 holiday? After reviewing plenty of $70 or $80 tablets, these are a breath of fresh air. View the Triple Threat.

While other sites clamor over the $200 and up Galaxy, Nexus, Kindle Fire HD, and iPad mini, millions of people will begin sifting through hundreds of nearly identical 7″ to 10″ Android tablets in search of the best deals. Learn the basics.

Continuing the series of “tablet brands you never heard of” for the 2012 winter season. Here is a comparison of Android 4.0 tablets by Coby. You might have actually heard of Coby before, as they have been around for quite a few years in consumer electronics. In fact, I use to sell their products in retail stores.

While I don’t endorse any particular model of cheap tablets, you can count on these to run the same hardware as the rest (most are all assembled in the same plant). It will come down to what features you want or maybe what’s included (such as headphones or a leather case) View the Coby comparison