What is a GTX 465? With the release of the powerful DirectX 11 GTX 470 and 480, Nvidia wanted to have an option with a lower price point to compete with sales of the Radeon 5850.

This price point as of today’s release is $279.99 + shipping on Newegg.com. The card still uses the GF100 based Fermi 40nm architecture that is now in full production.

GTX 465 by EVGA

The GTX 465 vs 470/480

Here is a spec comparison of the GTX 465 vs GTX 470 vs GTX 480. Notice that the smaller price tag = a little less of everything.

Card GDDR5 Core Clock Memory Clock Memory Clock Cuda Cores Bus
GTX 465 1000 MB 607 MHz 1603 MHz (3206 MHz Effective) 1215 MHz 352 256-bit
GTX 470 1280 MB 607 MHz 1674 MHz (3348 MHz Effective) 1215 MHz 448 320-bit
GTX 480 1536 MB 700 MHz 1848 MHz (3696 MHz Effective) 1401 MHz 480 384-bit

Their are 7 manufacturers with cards released today. EVGA, PNY, ASUS, MSI, Zotac, and Palit all are giving away a copy of Just Cause 2 with purchase (offer ends 6/30).
For some reason, Gigabyte does not give away a free game with their card. Also of note is that the Gigabyte and Palit cards feature non-reference coolers. All the cards are reference boards other than that. There are currently no factory overclocked options.