Adding photo attachments to an email seem like such a simple thing. For years, I didn’t know how to insert my photos into new emails or email replies. My only option was to go to my photo library and choose to email a photo by itself. Little did I know, this functionality existed for a long time.

There are 2 easy ways to insert photos into an email using your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can actually take advantage of both depending on whether your photo is already stored in your library.

The Copy/Paste Method

You probably already know you can hold your finger down on any image for a moment to get a Copy option.

You can copy any photo, whether its in your library or on the internet.

To attach your photo, simply tap anywhere in the body of the email and you will get a Paste option.

The Insert Photo or Video Method

Double tap anywhere in your email and a black bar will pop up with options for Select, Select All, Paste, or an arrow.

Simply tap the arrow to get the following Insert Photo or Video option:

insert photo dialog

This option will bring up your phone library and allow you to insert a photo or video attachment into your new email or reply.

It’s as simple as that!