This article is part of our series: The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel for Casual Racing Gamers. Here, You’ll see how to correctly configure and calibrate your G27 racing wheel.

This article assumes you have connected your wheel and installed the software from the disc to your PC. This includes both the drivers and the Logitech Profiler .

Solid Tip: Your new Logitech G27 Racing Wheel is not powered by USB! Half of the tech support requests for this peripheral all revolve around users forgetting to plug their power adapter into the wall outlet.

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Step 1: Logitech Profiler Global Device Settings

This is where you should start once your new wheel is installed. Select Options > Global Device Settings and simply leave everything unchecked. That was certainly easy! The one change you should note here is Degrees of Rotation. Set this value to 900. This is the maximum rotation of the wheel.

Don’t worry: Each game will have specific settings where you override the global value. Not everyone likes 900, so the default is set at 200. This provides an arcade driving experience and is nothing like a real vehicle. I change rotation depending on the game I’m playing.

Global Device Settings

Global Device Settings

Step 2: Add Game Profiles

Now we need to enter our games into the Profiler. Select New > Profile OR Select A Game > Create New Game Profile. Enter any name at the top, then Browse for the game’s .exe file. Finally, select the icon to represent the game. Now your new game will appear in the list under Select A Game.

The Logitech Profiler

Game Profiles

Step 3: Cusomize Specific Game Settings

The last step in calibrating our games based on their features. Since it is the game developer’s discretion to accommodate peripherals, not all games support all the features of the wheel. For instance, most games don’t have support for the new LED shift indicator lights and cannot accept separate pedal inputs. Logitech offers Specific Game Settings to help you enjoy your wheel more.

Select a game from your profile list from Profile > Select Profile OR Select A Game. Then select Edit > Specific Game Settings. Here you will override the global settings if needed. We set up the Global Device Settings from Step 1 in a specific manner so that your final choice is applied here. For example, if you had selected ‘Report Combined Pedals’ in the Global Settings, then they would always be combined, even you left the option unchecked here.

To find your proper Specific Game Settings, refer to this article’s Table of Contents at the top. You will also find details about feature support and tips on in-game settings such as ‘Linearity’ or ‘Steering Bars Sensitivity.’ This article covers over a dozen of the top Racing Games over the last 3 years.

Specific Game Settings

Specific Game Settings

Allow Game to Adjust Settings

This is the most cryptic setting available in the Logitech Profiler. Seeing as how there is no manual, how is one supposed to decipher the meaning of this box? Also, why is it listed under another box, ‘Use Special Game Settings,’ which has no other options? This is a new feature that you should simply ignore. Here is what Logitech officially had to say:

This is a new mechanism that allows games to ask for the current settings (such as: “Are the pedals combined or separate?”). A game can also adjust those settings, so for example, rFactor could adjust the steering angle to match the angle of the simulated car, or force separate pedals even if people forgot to turn on separate pedals. The idea is to make it easier for people and reduce the amount of setup work they have to do. Right now, there is no game shipping that makes used of this feature, but we hope that it will be used in future versions.

Enjoy your new wheel! If you found this series helpful, leave a comment here or under your favorite game’s article. Don’t own a G27? As always, you can get yours now from Amazon using the link above.