It has been three years ago this month that PHP 5.3.0 was released and quite a few legacy functions became deprecated. Since I have my hands on a serious amount of aging enterprise projects, I can without a doubt say that the most common deprecated function I see is split(). Upgrade your code inside.

Almost every good PHP application will be need to access some global values at some point. Constants are a programming pattern that you can access anywhere, at anytime and be sure that it won’t be overwritten. You will find this universal concept in almost every programming language. In this article, I will consolidate some great tips for working with constants in PHP and the specifics to keep an eye on. All about constants.

WordPress has helpful functions tag clouds, terms, categories and more inside your blog. I find it helpful to be able to monitor my data outside of WP occasionally with direct database queries. Get your data.

I created some nice work week-related functions in PHP that will calculate and return the next available work day, based on any particular date and number days from that date. These were helpful for me in scheduling,appointments, or deadlines for users and clients that are open only Monday-Friday for a 5 day work week. Get a date!

Date-related PHP can be one of the more… frustrating aspects of scripting. Whereas match calculations are the same no matter when or where you perform them, date calculations might appear to work properly in development and then fail later when you aren’t looking. Don’t forget your timezones!

There are quite a few scripts out there for checking whether the Caps Lock key is on. However, the top searches for a helpful JavaScript function turn up a lot of dated, obsolete code that usually doesn’t work or uses techniques that are frowned upon, such as obtrusive JavaScript.

In this article I will show you a modern, unobtrusive, cross-browser way of detecting Caps Lock. See the script

Since support for the Advertising Manager plugin ended, recent updates to WordPress have left publishers without a toolbar interface. The final released version of Advertising Manager was 3.4.19 and it no longer works after upgrading to WordPress 3.3.

fix your plugin.

Max J Mammel
Guest Author: Max Mammel
Max Mammel is an Indianapolis-based Technical Lead of a web application development team with a global Fortune 500 firm. Max is an expert in design patterns, system architecture, and object-oriented programming and brings many years of Java know-how to

I suspect that there are nearly as many solutions to the problem of email address validation as there are projects that require them. I’ve seen a fair amount of them myself over the years, they range from simply checking for the presence of an @ in a string to extremely complex and often flawed sub-routines designed for the task. Get a proper script

Many younger developers don’t have an opportunity to use log files, especially in situations where they have installed their web server on their local computer and don’t need to worry about debugging their site on the fly. Learn to use your logs.

It has been over 14 years since this piece of junk hit the internet, thanks to Internet Explorer (version 4). Many newer designers and developers have probably never encountered this JavaScript selector, but will no doubt pop up eventually. Learn the proper usage