Aside from an aggravating texture loading bug, Singularity for the PC is a great looking game. Sadly, however, the video options do not include choices for anti-aliasing.

It is, of course, easy to force anti-aliasing in Singularity and make a good looking game better… if you have an Nvidia card. Prepare yourself for a performance hit.

Raven, the developers of this time-bending title, left out this setting because of its massive cost in framerate. In fact, the powerful EVGA GTX 470 is 3 times slower with 32x AA setting, dropping from 121 FPS to 41 FPS. I settled playing through the game on 16x, which left me with a constant FPS around 60.

Singularity AA

Framerate Cost - No AA vs 32x AA

Forcing AA in Singularity

Your Nvidia control panel can force anti-aliasing on when your games do not support it. You can see images below (click for larger versions) that show you where to set it.

In the case of the Nvidia Control Panel, you can set the 3D settings for specific games. Notice how I have selected Singularity from the drop down games list (It should automatically appear after installation). Select the ‘Override’ mode, select your multiplier, and hit ‘Apply.’

In the case of the ATI Catalyst Control Center, normally you go to your 3D settings and you can select an AA tab at the top. However, it is reported that no Radeon card has been able to play Singularity with AA. Sorry.

Solid Tip: You must restart the game for AA settings to take effect.

Nvidia Control Panel

Nvidia Control Panel - Singularit Anti-Aliasing

Seeing the Difference

Your poor helicopter at the start of the game, without AA.

In Game, No AA

No Anti-Aliasing

Your helicopter with full AA.

32x Anti-Aliasing

32x Anti-Aliasing

Is it worth it?

If you have a high end GPU, then by all means, put your AA all the way up. You will never notice a difference in your gameplay.

For the mid-range cards that account for the majority of players, you have to be much more careful. You can get away with 2x or 4x to get rid of obvious jagged edges, but it will hurt your gameplay beyond that.

Now… if we could just tone down that radioactive orange glow on everything…