Civilization 4 can be a complex and confusing game for beginners. If you’ve never played it before, you would expect to have an in-game tutorial.

However, if you’ve just purchased the game, particularly the Complete edition, you may find a tutorial option missing.

Civilization 4 has multiple expansion packs. The Warlords, Beyond the Sword, and Colonization expansions are all included when you buy Civ 4 Complete Edition.

Each expansion pack changes the main menu options to add its own content. What they don’t tell you is that they removed the Tutorial option to make room for the extended content.

After originally installing the main game and expansion packs, I launched the game only to find that I had no idea how to play.

To get to the official tutorial, you must simply start the basic Civ 4 game and not the expansion pack.

Civ 4 menu

Civilization 4 Original Menu

Solid Tip: The expansion packs change some of the main game and will also cause bugs in the Civilopedia. Therefore, you may want to play the regular game for a time before playing the expansions.

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