After installing Darksiders on their PCs, some users have complained that the game gets stuck at a black screen after the THQ and Vigil Games logos disappear.

This fix should allow you to load Darksiders with no problem.

Common Black Screen Fix

  • Open your game folder (default is Program Files)
  • Go under \media\videos
  • Delete AMD_Logo_movie.wmv

That should help most users get their game started. Additionally, you could encounter a black/blank screen in Darksiders if the game’s resolution was set to one that your monitor does not support. In that case, you need to delete another file.

Rarer Black Screen Fix

  • Open your games app data folder
  • Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\*YOURNAME*\Local Settings\Application Data\Darksiders
  • Win 7/Vista: C:\*YOURNAME*\AppData\Local\Darksiders
  • Delete options.dopt

Hope those help! Additionally, if you’d like a guide to the collectible item locations for Darksiders, check out this article.