Enabling the vertical sync option (vsync) in Dead Space 2 PC will cause the game to lock the frame rate at 30 frames per second. Turning off the in-game vsync option allows you a smoother, more fluid frame rate but causes tearing in the screen that is unacceptable.

In this article, I will show you how to keep VSync and get 60 fps for both AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce cards. This quick fix goes great with the popular anti-aliasing fixes here.

60 fps and vsync with Nvidia GeForce

You can easily force vsync and have high frame rates with your Nvidia card using either the Nvidia Control Panel or the Nvidia Inspector. Make sure you have the newest drivers first.

For both programs, be sure to select the Dead Space 2 profile first. You will probably have to add deadspace2.exe in Nvidia Control Panel yourself.

Nvidia Control Panel Nvidia Inspector
Nvidia Control Panel Force Vsync Nvidia Inspector Force Vsync

60 fps and vsync with AMD Radeon

It’s simple to setup your Radeon card to force vsync and enjoy high frame rates using the Catalyst Control Center or RadeonPro. Be sure to get the newest drivers first. Catalyst 11.1 come with the new CCC version 8.812. If you are using RadeonPro, don’t forget to select Dead Space 2 as a profile.

Catalyst Control Center 8.812 RadeonPro
AMD Catalyst Vsync Radeon Pro Force Vsync

Don’t Forget the In-Game Options!

Don’t forget to go into the options menu in Dead Space 2 and turn off it’s vsync! Otherwise your frame rate will stay locked at 30.

You are all done!

You should see a night and day difference between the two frame rates. To compare the two frame rates on-the-fly, simply pause your game and flip between vsync on and off. Have fun!