From, here are 6 minutes of new gameplay footage from EA and Visceral Games franchise sequel, Dead Space 3.

Here we see the characters traversing the icy wastes of Tau Volantis… which strangely resembles much of the eastern United States this winter.

Dead Space 2 on Ice

No, it’s not the live action ice skating version of Dead Space, its just Dead Space 3. You might actually think you are watching Dead Space 1 or 2 because it’s so similar. Hopefully, we will get more than just snow.

It looks like the action is much more ramped up along with some other alterations, which may be a positive or negative, depending on what you enjoy about the series. Co-op will definitely be a welcome addition, as will the new weapon crafting system. The whole power node concept was never very satisfying.

Gameplay Video by IGN

Get more info at DS3 is available for pre-order now, but we will have to wait until February 13, 2013 for release in North America.

While the video gives the feel of ‘more of the same’ for the franchise, you also get a slew of new weapons and attachments, the new environments (how about grappling hooks instead of Zero-G), and co-op gameplay.

I bet Isaac Clarke is starting to feel like Bruce Willis in Die Hard, who quipped ‘how can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?’ … and that was after just 2 movies.

Dead Space 3