Dishonored is a well-polished game. Everything was pretty intuitive except for the use of a rewire tool. How do you select the rewire tool? Where do you use it? If you are here, you were as confused as I was when it didn’t appear in my inventory wheel.

How to use the rewire tool

The tool is used by approaching an object that can be interacted with. It’s as simple as that. This includes Walls of Light, Arc Pylons, Guard Towers, Alarms, etc.

You don’t select the tool like you would a grenade or razor trap. Just find the control mechanism and walk up to it. Don’t confuse the power box with the control box. You can disable security by removing the whale oil canister from the power box or you can choose to rewire the device at the control box.

whale oil control box

This is where you would turn off security

If you don’t see the control box, you should be able to follow the wires. The Arc Pylon system in these screen shots has 1 wire for power and 1 wire for the controls. Here is the control box and me interacting with it:

rewiring security

This is how you use the rewire device

Simple as that!