While Divinity 2 for the PC (both editions) has an option labeled “screen space anti-aliasing,” it does not have any effect. PC gamers, the ones who really want anti-aliasing control, are left wanting. Nvidia card users are in luck, however.

In this article, I will show you 2 anti-aliasing methods available using the Nvidia Inspector tool that will allow you to select 2x-32x AA. There is a lot of information among various message boards about the issue. A lot of this information is incomplete or suggest fixes that simply do not work. I will cover all the bases here to make sure you can get anti-aliasing to work.

divinity 2 anti-aliasing

Solid Tip: Are you using a resolution of 1440×900 or higher? If so, the game has mis-labeled them and you aren’t playing in the resolution you chose. No worries! I have an easy fix for that too.

Step by Step Instructions

This fix takes about two minutes. I list each individual click so it looks like a lot of steps.

It will use the Nvidia Inspector tool to force anti-aliasing in the manner of either S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, depending on your choice. You can download Nvidia Inspector here from SolidlyStated.com.

The Stalker style AA is going to provide the best image quality, but will hurt performance the most. The Oblivion style will be better for entry-level to mid-range Nvidia graphics cards. The process here is to add a game profile in the Nvidia Control Panel and then set an AA compatibility flag in the inspector. There is a visual aid for the Inspector portion down below.

Step 1: Add an Nvidia game profile

  • Open your Nvidia Control Panel
  • Select ‘Manage 3D Settings’
  • Select ‘Program Settings’
  • Hit the ‘Add’ button
  • Browse to Divinity2.exe in the game folder
  • Hit ‘Apply’ and close Nvidia Control Panel

Step 2: Set Inspector options for AA

  • Open Nvidia Inspector
  • Hit the small wrench icon on the right
  • Browse to your new profile ‘divinity2.exe’
  • Click the 3rd option down- ‘Antialiasing compatibility’
  • For Stalker style AA, enter the value 0x0000F0C1
  • For Oblivion style AA, enter the value 0x200100C5
  • Under Antialiasing – Mode, select Override
  • Under Antialiasing – Setting, select desired option
  • Hit ‘Apply Changes’ and close Inspector

Solid Tip: When you pick your Antialiasing setting in the drop down, only pick one of the options shown in the picture below. The options further down will either crash your Nvidia driver or totally lock up your computer.

divinity 2 nvidia inspector

Step 3: Set Windows Compatibility

  • Browse to Divinity2.exe in the game folder
  • Right click the program and select ‘Properties’
  • Select the ‘Compatibility’ tab
  • Check ‘Run as Administrator’
  • Check ‘Disable desktop composition’
  • Hit ‘Apply’ and close the window
  • Play the game!

Have fun!

If you want to change your settings around to see how the game performs, remember that you need to restart the game for any settings to take effect.

Also note that it no longer matters whether or not you have the SSAA option (screen space anti aliasing) checked in the options menu.