You may have not even noticed that your screen resolution doesn’t match your options choice in Divinity 2 on the PC. Here, I will show you how to make certain you get the resolution you want.

The options menu mis-labels the resolutions at 1440×900 or above.

You have two options to deal with the issue: Manually type in the resolution in an XML file or pick the appropriate mis-labeled resolution.

Option 1

Navigate to your application data folder and open the games graphicoptions.xml file in your favorite text editor. Notepad or Wordpad will do a fine job.

Look under the following location for Windows 7/Vista, putting your own username in that path, of course.

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Divinity 2\Profile\graphicoptions.xml

divinity 2 xml options

Simply overwrite the ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight values to whatever resolution you want and save the file. You will have to restart the game for this to take effect.

Option 2

You can select the wrong resolution in order to get the one you want. See the picture below to find the one you want in red. For example, if you want 1680×1050, select 1768×992.

If you wish to play in 1440×900, you will have to use option 1 above. If you are using a resolution lower than that, then it will be labeled correctly.

divinity2 resolution errors

If you use option 1, remember that the XML file would get overwritten if you change the resolution while in-game. You would have to edit the XML file again if you do this.