Like every PC game released nowadays, Dragon Age 2 has plenty of issues that either hurt the experience for gamers, or flat out keep them from playing altogether. The DA2 black polygon glitch makes the game simply unplayable with DirectX 11 enabled on Nvidia cards. Thankfully, Nvidia was quick to respond with a beta update to solve the problem.

Nvidia black texture glitch DA2

Above is the Nvidia texture glitch in action. This bug occurs when you select DirectX 11 in your game options and are using the latest WHQL certified driver from Nvidia. At the time of release for DA2, that driver version was 266.58.

To fix this problem

Nvidia has provided a fix for this issue in the form of a beta graphics driver 267.24.

You can get it from the Beta section of their new website. Simply enter your card model and Windows version to make sure it will work first.

During install, a red warning may pop up. This is expected because the driver is Beta and yet signed by Microsoft.

Is it worth it?

For all the trouble you have to go through to get DirectX 11 working, you might just want to uncheck DX11 and allow the game to use good ole’ DX9. You will have better performance and probably won’t notice any difference in the graphics.