This is a supplemental article to compare the bokeh filtering effect in Just Cause 2 for the PC. These split screen comparisons apply to the game’s 3 included benchmarking demos only. If you haven’t seen the main article on the bokeh filtering, LOOK HERE.

Just Cause 2 Bokeh Filter – Split Screen Comparison

Here is a split-screen of the Desert Sunrise benchmark. All the bokeh filter does here is make the background even blurrier than it already is.

Just Cause 2 Benchmark

Lighting Comparison

The landscape scenery of the desert didn’t add any value. Let’s look at the second benchmark, ‘Dark Tower.’ You can see some mild enhancements to the far off city lights, but that was it.

Dark Tower Benchmark

Vertical Split Screen Comparison

Our third benchmark is a time-lapse city scape. Here, I will split the screen vertically to compare the filter.

Bokeh Filter Benchmark 3