F1 2011
Force Feedback: Full
Pedals: Separate
Shift Lights: Yes
Released: Sep 20, 2011

Yet another piece on our long-running series: The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel for Casual Racing Gamers. Here, I cover setting up your G27 racing wheel to play Formula 1 2011 PC. Developed and published by Codemasters, F1 2011 is a sequel to F1 2010 and features simulator-type open-wheel racing among all official F1 teams and drivers of the 2011 season.

F1 2011 races include dynamic weather and day/night cycles to add to single- and multi-player racing. The Logitech G27 quality sequential paddle shifters design are your only choice of gearbox, but that’s simply part of Formula 1 cars. No H-shifter usage here.

Force feedback and shift lights are always welcome, but I feel that both left me disappointed as a casual racing gamer. The force feedback effects were anemic by default, and turning them up in the game options felt like someone constantly banging a hammer on my car chassis at all times.

As for shift lights, the gears change so fast, they are either off or flashing at the red-line all the time.

Solid Tip: Looking for G27 drivers or Logitech Profiler software? Get it here.

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F1 2011 G27 Settings

  • Plug in the wheel, of course
  • Open the Logitech Profiler
  • Select New > Profile
  • Add F1_2011.exe as a new game
  • Open Specific Game Settings
  • Check ‘Use Special Force Feedback Device Settings’
  • Raise ‘Overall Effects Strength’ to 150% (optional)
  • Check ‘Use Special Steering Wheel Settings’
  • Set ‘Degrees of Rotation’ to your liking
  • Set ‘Report Combined Pedals’ unchecked
  • Launch Game
  • In game, go to MYF1 > Driving Controls
  • switch ‘Keyboard’ to ‘Logitech G27’ preset

While F1 2011 has a G27 preset in its control options, it does require some extra tweaks to enjoy before playing. As always, I have you make a G27 profile above for your wheel. Not required, but it gives you more control. With a profile, you can have better force feedback response and customize your degrees of rotation.

Button Mappings

You can edit your buttons (and pedals if you are nuts) under Edit/Customise Profile. Once you change a button, the preset for the G27 will change to the word “custom.” This is normal.

The gearbox is set to automatic by default. Switch it left to Sequential to enjoy your paddle shifters. This setting is directly tied to the intrusive “Driving Assists” section also. For example, turning off all assists forces your gearbox to manual and easy forces it to auto.

Solid Tip: The gearbox setting can only be set during a race, and not in the game’s normal options menu. Don’t ask me why.

G27 preset

FFB off by default

You will want to enter the Force Feedback options before you race and turn it on. FFB is off by default. Additionally, the default effects were pretty weak. If you increase the sliders in the pic shown below, the result is unpleasant. That’s why I recommend the optional setting up above for Overall Effects Strength.

Force Feedback settings

Driving Assists

All driving assists are fully on by default. This means you will have a big glowing line on the track everywhere you go, your car will shift itself, and you never have to break. That last ‘assist’ is the most maddening to your fun level. Your first inclination might be to turn all that junk off. Just remember that this isn’t Need for Speed, and will be much harder.

This menu is available in a race, not at the title screen. It is also where you set your transmission to auto or manual.

Driving Assists