Do you hate it when clouds fill up your hilltop fortress? In this article, I will provide you a way to easily remove clouds in Minecraft so that you can always see your buildings clearly.

While this simple tutorial has been done more than once, I provide you a replacement clouds image here so that you do not need to mess with MS paint or other image editing software.

How to Remove Clouds

Removing the clouds in Minecraft is as simple as changing one image. This will require a few easy steps and I’ll be sure to help you not break anything. The only things required are the image itself, which I have provided, and something to open the game file to make the switch.

This tutorial will show you how to switch the clouds file in Windows. There seems to be an issue for Mac users when using the Archive Utility. Mac users unfamiliar with archives should see special instructions from this thread on the Minecraft forum, but can still use the clouds file provided.

If you have WinRar, I recommend that. WinZip or 7-zip also work. You can download WinRAR for free in 10 seconds.

minecraft jar file opened

opening minecraft.jar in WinRar

minecraft jar clouds file

copy the empty clouds file over this one

Step by Step

  • Right click this clouds.png and select Save As
  • Save the file to your desktop
  • Go to your game folder
    • Windows XP – C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSER\Application Data\.minecraft\bin
    • Windows Vista/7 – C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin
  • Make a copy of minecraft.jar just in case!
  • Right click on original minecraft.jar
  • Select Open With
  • Select WinRAR, WinZip, or similar program
  • When it opens, double click environment
  • (optional) Rename the old clouds.png in case you want to keep it for later
  • Drag clouds.png from your desktop onto the old one and confirm

Update May 2011: With Minecraft 1.5, the clouds file is no longer stored inside the minecraft.jar file. If you are running the new version, you can still find a clouds image file in your favorite texture pack (also under the environment folder).

You’re Done!

Now that you updated your game’s cloud image, you can have clear sunny skies from now on. In case you made a mistake, you have the backup minecraft.jar file.

I have tried to make this as plain as possible so that people of all computer literacy levels can understand it. If you have any problems following these steps, leave a comment so I can help you.

Happy mining!