After many Minecraft updates, users experience crashes when trying to start the game with their favorite texture packs. They are also experiencing a crash when selecting a texture pack in the menu. I will provide a quick solution so you can get back to mining and crafting.

Solid Tip: This fix is for Windows installations

The Problem

This crash actually affects users who are using higher resolution texture packs than the default one. This means people who try to run a 32, 64, or 128 texture will experience crashing until they patch their game installation. This has been occuring with each release and its easy to forget to patch.

The Solution

The solution is easy! Simply download the new MCpatcher version 2 below and run it. This patcher will allow you to use your high res textures and not crash on load.

The September 2011 release of this patcher now supports Minecraft 1.8.1 HD textures.

minecraft1.5 HD textures

If you are unfamiliar with mcpatcher, you can ignore the other features it offers and all you have to do is press it’s “patch” button.

If this patch helped you get your Minecraft HD textures back, leave a comment!