Being yet another port from a console (what isn’t these days?), PAYDAY The Heist is sorely lacking in graphics options on PC. Here are a few tips that might help you get some more enjoyment out of it.

Renderer Settings

I was excited to find a file called renderer_settings.xml after I installed the game. I was disappointed, however, when I opened it only to find the basic options the game gives you along with an aspect ratio option and a refresh rate option.

You can reach this folder by typing %userprofile%/AppData/Local in any Windows address bar if you actually want to change either of those.

		adapter = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470"
		adapter_index = "0"
		resolution = "1920 1080"
		windowed = "false"
		refresh_rate = "60"
		aspect_ratio = "1.77778"

Vertical Sync

This was an easy fix. By default, PAYDAY has no Vsync, which results in a lot of screen tearing. You can simply go to the Vsync option in your graphics card control panel and set it to ‘Force On’ for Nvidia cards or ‘Always On’ for ATI cards.

If you have never done this before, you open the Nvidia Control Panel/Catalyst Control Center, go to the 3D Settings section, and add the game as a new profile (browse to and select the games .exe file). Then you can force vertical sync under that profile. Simply apply your changes and next time you start the game, you will have vertical sync.

Anti Aliasing – Nvidia Only

Unfortunately, attempting to override the AA settings in the Nvidia Control Panel didn’t work. Luckily, PAYDAY is based on a graphics engine that gamers are already familiar with.

You can enjoy some good anti-aliasing in PAYDAY on your PC by simply using what is known as ‘Antialiasing compatibility’ flags. This is simply some numbers and letters that you enter into Nvidia Inspector- a companion program for the Nvidia Control Panel. In this case, the flag you will want is 0x004012C1.

*Props to the smart folks over at Guru3D for identifying this AA flag.

PAYDAY Anti Aliasing

Solid Tip: Below are step-by-step instructions for Nvidia Inspector. The settings here are a “sweet spot” for this game. If you go attempti different settings on your own, know that you will lock up your PC and be forced to reboot. You’ve been warned!

  • Add a profile for PAYDAY under the Nvidia Control Panel
  • Download Nvidia Inspector from Major Geeks
  • Open Nvidia Inspector
  • Click the wrench icon to open game profiles
  • Select Payday from the drop down menu
  • Enter 0x004012C1 under Antialiasing compatibility
  • Set Antialiasing - Mode to override
  • Select Antialiasing - Setting to 2x or 4x Multisampling only
  • Set Antialiasing - Mode to override
  • Select Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling to 2x or 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling only
  • Hit Apply changes in the upper right


Affect on Performance

Notice that the frame rate (in the pic) took a big hit at 4x AA. It dropped from 120 constant to just under half of that. I was able to get 90 fps using 2x AA, but the jagged edges are still noticeable. If you are able, you definitely want to try the 4x.

Additionally, I was able to play the game at what FRAPS said 30 fps under my setup using 8x AA, but moving around felt like I was trying to steer the Titanic, so I dialed that setting back immediately.

I hope this helps you get some more more enjoyment out of this game!