Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction owners on the Xbox 360 already dealt with a pretty nasty freezing bug, and now PC gamers have a frustrating bug of their own.

This bug involves leaving the weapon stash screen and your primary and secondary weapons firing all by themselves as if you were holding down the fire button. Once you leave the weapon stash, your gun will start to automatically fire itself until it runs out of bullets. You cannot make it stop firing and you have probably alerted all the enemies in the level to your ineptitude with firearms. How embarassing…

How to Avoid this Bug

This bug is easily overcome, however, by simply using the back button on the weapon stash screen. I don’t mean the backspace button. See below.

Weapon Stash Bug

How to safely leave the weapons stash

Just click on the back button on the lower left of the weapon stash screen and you will avoid this bug. You can’t really count on Ubisoft to release a patch for this anytime soon, so it is nice to have an easy fix here. If this tip helped you out, leave a comment!