Syndicate is very straightforward through most of the game, but like many people, I came to an impasse in the EuroCorp Spire mission (Milestone 18). After climbing the stairs to the top where the fire is, I found an elevator power breach that said “Initiate Power Reroute,” which does nothing.

After finally figuring it out, I felt silly for a moment before realizing that I had played through the whole game up to this point without ever encountering any kind of puzzle. It was rather abrupt, after all. The solution is that this is a timed puzzle with 4 breaches.

Initiate Power Reroute

With all the running and gunning, you rarely ever have time to read stuff. Even when you do, it doesn’t ever have to do with the gameplay- business cards, propaganda, etc. Well, if you actually read the elevator breach message, you will see that you do actually have to reroute the power.

You must make a complete circuit to restore power to the elevator:

breach puzzle

The Solution

You must breach the 4 power junctions below at the proper point to reroute power. You have roughly 3 seconds at each point or the puzzle starts over.

breach order

Notice that each junction has a breach point at the top and bottom. You have to choose the one where the wire isn’t destroyed coming out of it. The proper sequence is labeled in the picture.

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