When installing Samsung’s Magictune application, users may experience an error message that does not allow the program to run, even though it installs fine. Here, I will show you the easy fix.

Magictune is included on a disc that comes with all new Samsung monitors, and allows you to use an app to change the monitor settings instead of fumbling with the button menus. It has been a while since a computer system was made that actually didn’t support Magictune.

incompatibility message

If you are receiving the error message, “This Computer System Does Not Support Magictune,” then you likely have multiple monitors set up. If this is the case, the fix is easy!

Magictune can only start up in a single monitor environment. Ironically, the people that actually want to use Magictune to calibrate their screens are usually the people who have multiple monitors.

Aside from disabling your additional displays in Windows, I found that it also threw the error by having the extra video cable attached to the graphics card. It can sense the connection with the cable connected.

Once you setup the graphics card to use a single display, Magictune should start up fine. You can then calibrate your monitor quickly and painlessly. In fact, once the program is started, you can enable your additional displays again.

If you still have been unable to start Magictune, then you might actually have a system that does not support it.