The Amazingly Great Square Bundle from was a tremendous deal that unfortunately went out of stock incredibly quick.

This is for the week of October 14th – October 20th in case you read this later on.

As a apology for running out of stock, Amazon is offering what usually amounts to $15 off the average digital video game purchase (considering most new games are $60).

The only exceptions seem to be the titles “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” and “Borderlands 2,” along with subscription and network points. This is a great deal!

Here is the official message from Amazon:

No keys remaining for this bundle, 25% off coupon available
This week we intended to run the “Amazingly Great Square Bundle” from Sunday-Saturday. Unfortunately demand was so high that we ran out of our allocation of keys. We are going to be replacing this deal with a 25% off coupon redeemable against any Digital Video Game sold and distributed by, with the exception of XBOX Live and PlayStation Network points and subscriptions, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Borderlands 2. Please use code “SQRLUVOC” at checkout to redeem this coupon.

Use the promo code SQRLUVOC. Have fun!