The Evil Within is notorious for crashing randomly on PC, making you wonder how such bugs get past QA. Luckily, the fix for this one is easy. Get your crash fix.

Alien Isolation has some wonderful graphics and performance right out of the box. The graphics options themselves lead you to believe the far right choices are the highest quality, but this is not true.
See the quality

Being yet another port from a console (what isn’t these days?), PAYDAY The Heist is sorely lacking in graphics options on PC. Here are a few tips that might help you get some more enjoyment out of it. Get the additional options

Since you have to exit your game to make graphics changes, the Ubersampling setting in The Witcher 2 PC is hard to compare. This monster of a setting will cut your frame rate in half and here I will show you the real difference. See the comparison.

As if From Dust PC didn’t already have enough problems thanks to Ubisoft DRM, gamers are calling the PC game another bad port from consoles. From Dust for the PC finds itself stuck at 30 fps, without anti-aliasing, and without vertical sync. Fix anti-aliasing.

While Divinity 2 for the PC (both editions) has an option labeled “screen space anti-aliasing,” it does not have any effect. PC gamers, the ones who really want anti-aliasing control, are left wanting. Nvidia card users are in luck, however. See the fix

This article explores the full set of graphics options available in Crysis 2 for the PC, going beyond the basic settings of Gamer, Advanced, and Hardcore. Get the tool.

Out of the box, Dead Space 2 has poor support for anti aliasing. For the moment, AMD card owners below the 6000 series are more or less out of luck.

However, having an Nvidia card affords you 2 options, thanks to an inventive gaming community. In this updated article, I will show you both methods to force AA on Dead Space 2 PC version 1.0 and the compromises required of both. Is anti-aliasing worth the cost?

Alpha Protocol combines James Bond with Mass Effect… Or maybe it’s Jason Bourne… Or Jack Bauer… Okay, so it combines one of the JB’s with Mass Effect. Either way, you know there is going to be a lot of talking between characters.

What do you do, however, when all of your dialogue options are blank? See inside.

Aside from an aggravating texture loading bug, Singularity for the PC is a great looking game. Sadly, however, the video options do not include choices for anti-aliasing.

It is, of course, easy to force anti-aliasing in Singularity and make a good looking game better… if you have an Nvidia card. Prepare for a performance hit.