I was recently asked how to turn off a CPU core in a dual-core computer. Depending on your need, there are actually 3 ways to accomplish it.

The first method disables cores for the whole system. The second turns them off for a specific program. Finally, you may just want to shut off those fake Hyperthreading cores. See the details.

This article expands on the popular article series Core i7 860 Overclocking, which extensively benchmarked the maximum overclock potential of the Core i7 860 using the stock cooler.

There was a lot of interest in voltage and maximum temperature for this chip. Obviously, no one wants to risk frying their expensive investment. Chill out.

This series is a review of the overclocking limits of the Core i7 860 using stock cooling, and the effects of Hyper Threading on that limit. All parts used in this test are brand new. Each part was carefully selected to work in harmony together. Your results with the Core i7 860 might vary slightly based on your configuration. If you are looking for new system, however, you will be incredibly happy with this particular set of components. Up Next, The Testing Components