As a PC gamer, dusting off old games can be as entertaining as buying new ones. Unfortunately, you always run the risk of the old stuff not working on new hardware. While Call of Cthulhu: DCoTE is not MS-DOS ancient, it still has some issues with Windows 7. In this quick article, I will cover a couple issues I had off the bat trying to replay this gem that I never finished years ago. Beware Cthulhu

Dead Rising 2 for the PC came out a year ago with a whole host of problems. Over a year later, Capcom releases Dead Rising 2: Off The Record with the SAME problems as the previous version! Find your fix.

After many Minecraft updates, users experience crashes when trying to start the game with their favorite texture packs. They are also experiencing a crash when selecting a texture pack in the menu. I will provide a quick solution so you can get back to mining and crafting. Get the fix.