From, here are 6 minutes of new gameplay footage from EA and Visceral Games franchise sequel, Dead Space 3. See the footage.

Electronic arts has shown fans of the Medal of Honor series a new MOH:Warfighter multiplayer gameplay trailer at E3. See the video.

EA and Visceral Games just showed off the latest trailer of its hit franchise Dead Space at the Electronics Entertainment Expo today. See the trailer.

Bioware and Electronic Arts have just released the new Mass Effect 3 Female Shepard trailer in honor of Femshep Friday. See the trailer.

Enabling the vertical sync option (vsync) in Dead Space 2 PC will cause the game to lock the frame rate at 30 frames per second. Turning off the in-game vsync option allows you a smoother, more fluid frame rate but causes tearing in the screen that is unacceptable.

In this article, I will show you how to keep VSync and get 60 fps for both AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce cards. Read More.

What does the “Special” upgrade do for the Plasma Cutter in Dead Space 2?

I had to write this quick tip because I am sure I am one of many people who will feel foolish about missing the answer. Will you smack yourself?

Out of the box, Dead Space 2 has poor support for anti aliasing. For the moment, AMD card owners below the 6000 series are more or less out of luck.

However, having an Nvidia card affords you 2 options, thanks to an inventive gaming community. In this updated article, I will show you both methods to force AA on Dead Space 2 PC version 1.0 and the compromises required of both. Is anti-aliasing worth the cost?

Electronic Arts just released the newest trailer for the 2010 reboot for the Medal of Honor series. The trailer, titled “Leave a Message,” overlays a soldier’s phone call home before going to war. While the message plays various troop deployments are played out. Of course, as soon as the message ends…