It’s still three weeks until Black Friday 2012, but already the tablet wars are heating up. SolidlyStated is taking a break from the “tablet brands you never heard of” series to look at what the big brands have put at the $200 tablet price point. So what is the best $200 tablet for the 2012 holiday? After reviewing plenty of $70 or $80 tablets, these are a breath of fresh air. View the Triple Threat.

This is a companion article to a JavaScript version of the same tutorial. This article is intended for PHP developers who want to pull WordPress and other blog posts into a non-Wordpress or non-blog web page.

If you are using PHP, I recommend you use this method, as it is cleaner than JavaScript and completed entirely at server-side. see the code.

While Google has been working on an operating system for some time now, I haven’t seen any response about the Chrome OS since Google released Chromebook in June. If you aren’t familiar with their new device, I will give you the solid info here. Learn about Chromebook.

Paginated posts, also known as multi-page posts, can be an indispensable tool when publishing long posts. Our Core i7 860 overclocking article, for example, is 10 packed pages of stats and images.

WordPress handles this task with ease, by offering the nextpage tag in the post’s visual editor or directly with the wp_link_pages() function.

Using this feature in recent versions of WordPress, however, results in only the first page being indexed by Google and other search engines. Learn what to do about it.