SolidlyStated recently completed its 3 part series of Solid Reviews for EVGA Nvidia cards, spanning entry-level to high-end gaming. Each article is packed with info. In this summary, we will pit all 3 cards head-to-head and aggregate the results for them at both stock and overclocked speeds. See the results.

This article is an in-depth look at the EVGA GTX 470. The GT400 series GPU, nicknamed ‘Fermi‘, is designed for high-end gaming and is the first Nvidia chip to support DirectX 11.

Our in-depth look will solidly state the difference between available part numbers, cover all features, and display extensive overclocking benchmarks. Next, Let’s Examine this GTX 470

This in-depth Solid Review looks at the EVGA GTS 250. This is a GPU for entry-level gaming that has been surrounded by confusion regarding fabrication process and multiple part numbers that appear to be the same card. Our in-depth look will solidly state the difference between these cards, the truth behind the fabrication process, and extensive overclocking benchmarks. Next, Let’s Examine this GTS 250

This article expands on the popular article series Core i7 860 Overclocking, which extensively benchmarked the maximum overclock potential of the Core i7 860 using the stock cooler.

There was a lot of interest in voltage and maximum temperature for this chip. Obviously, no one wants to risk frying their expensive investment. Chill out.

Welcome to another Solid Review! This EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 article is one of a three part series for entry-level, mid-level, and high-end gaming with EVGA GeForce cards. In the first part of our series, we covered the original 65nm GTS 250, a standard edition card which is the most ‘entry-level’ of the series. The high-end article is for the new DirectX11 card, a 40nm GTX 470. If you are thinking about buying a Superclocked or SSC version of this card, it might also benefit you to read below. Next, Let’s Examine this GTX 260

This series is a review of the overclocking limits of the Core i7 860 using stock cooling, and the effects of Hyper Threading on that limit. All parts used in this test are brand new. Each part was carefully selected to work in harmony together. Your results with the Core i7 860 might vary slightly based on your configuration. If you are looking for new system, however, you will be incredibly happy with this particular set of components. Up Next, The Testing Components