Check out the final sequence to The Evil Within by the father of survival horror, Shinji Mikami.

Our previous bug post for The Evil Within PC helped reduce the random crashing for players early on (it was really hard to get through Chapter 2 without it, but it comes back later). This time we have a blurry screen to deal with. Another quick fix.

The Evil Within is notorious for crashing randomly on PC, making you wonder how such bugs get past QA. Luckily, the fix for this one is easy. Get your crash fix.

Alien Isolation has some wonderful graphics and performance right out of the box. The graphics options themselves lead you to believe the far right choices are the highest quality, but this is not true.
See the quality

After killing hundreds of Nazis while leaning around corners, I finally figured out why I had not gotten my Kills from Cover perk in Wolfenstein: The New Order. Facepalm moment coming up

Players can lose their Predator bow permanently due to a glitch in the game. See the bug.

From, here are 6 minutes of new gameplay footage from EA and Visceral Games franchise sequel, Dead Space 3. See the footage.

Sega and Gearbox just showed off the latest trailer of the newest addition to the Aliens video game franchise, Aliens: Colonial Marines. See the trailer.

Since they don’t have a store to wait in front of, Amazon doesn’t have a traditional Black Friday ad circular. No lines, no waiting. Here is their Black Friday line up of Blu Ray disc, DVD, and video game software deals. (more…)

Dishonored is a well-polished game. Everything was pretty intuitive except for the use of a rewire tool. How do you select the rewire tool? Where do you use it? If you are here, you were as confused as I was when it didn’t appear in my inventory wheel. See the simple usage inside.