Want to give All in One SEO pack access to WordPress roles that are not Administrators? Here’s a quick solution.

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Paginated posts, also known as multi-page posts, can be an indispensable tool when publishing long posts. Our Core i7 860 overclocking article, for example, is 10 packed pages of stats and images.

WordPress handles this task with ease, by offering the nextpage tag in the post’s visual editor or directly with the wp_link_pages() function.

Using this feature in recent versions of WordPress, however, results in only the first page being indexed by Google and other search engines. Learn what to do about it.

Welcome to another article on Building Better Web Pages. This article series comprehensively covers building an HTML document: easily learned, but rarely perfected.

Today’s article covers the HTML <head> tag . Many of its elements remain a mystery to novice and intermediate designers. The expert designer, though, will learn to harness the power of his or her <head> tag. When implemented properly, pages will be more accessible, load faster, and become more successful on search engines.