There are plenty of opinions about organizing markup, but the W3C is the predominant authority in such matters. When referring to the proper position of script tags, the latest W3C content is a bit vague.

Where does the tag go?

There’s a lot of syntax to remember when dealing with JS events, so I figured it would be a good idea to compile a reference list that covers all types of events and the proper syntax to use them. See the examples.

Welcome to another article on Building Better Web Pages. This article series comprehensively covers building an HTML document: easily learned, but rarely perfected.

Today’s article covers W3C Validation and Nested Tags. Some designers swear by the W3C standards like a bible, which they like to thump. The opposition likes to call them out and make a general mockery of things. Either way, HTML validation helps you uncover errors that may or not be affecting the rendering of your page, its search engine ranking, or both. Discover Why.