For security reasons, Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 enforces network isolation. The merits of this, especially when compared to Chrome, Firefox, or even IE, are questionable but beyond the scope of this article. We’re just here to get our localhosts working on Edge for testing! (more…)

What are sectioning roots? Let’s take a look at this HTML5 feature and whether or not sectioning roots are important to your webpages.
Get to the root of it.

What’s the difference between article and section? Here, I will show you when to choose one HTML5 tag over another.
See the semantic differences

There are plenty of opinions about organizing markup, but the W3C is the predominant authority in such matters. When referring to the proper position of script tags, the latest W3C content is a bit vague.

Where does the tag go?

Here are some CSS media queries useful for targeting various iPhones. (more…)

Another small performance gain that designers and developers should employ is specifying their image width and height. This article explains why setting the dimensions of your images helps you and the theory behind it. See the best practice.

With Twitter Bootstrap modals in either version 2 or 3, you can easily prevent the modal window from being closed with the escape key or by clicking on the black backdrop outside the window. see the code

A portrait by Evan Michael Meagher
April 04, 2013
14″ x 10″ graphite pencil (4H, HB, 6B, ebony)

Bradley Cooper


An illustration by Evan Michael Meagher
March 15, 2013
18″ x 12″ graphite pencil (4H, 6B, Ebony)

“Slay Dragons”

A portrait by Evan Michael Meagher
February 24, 2013
18″ x 12″ graphite pencil (4H, HB, 6B)

Jacqueline E. Zediker