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Soleil Spray LLC

Co-founder of a mobile spray tan startup. Soleil Spray was custom-built from the ground up as a one-of-a-kind experience for the tanning salon industry (and branching out into other service-based small businesses) via the Airbrush Elite network. Soleil Spray incorporates a turnkey setup that allows clients to offer online scheduling, sell products and services, allows customers to schedule in-home appointments online, take online payments via PayPal API, conduct email marketing, manage inventory, and run sales promotions. Soleil Spray uses the LAMP stack, incorporating PayPal, Google Maps, JQuery, HTML 5 canvas, PHPMailer, and WordPress.

Employee Referral Contest Application

Designed and developed an employee referral program leveraging social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, and Myspace… yes Myspace… it was 2010). This program allowed competition amongst clients employees to win prizes such as iPads for generating traffic and interest in the clients open jobs. In addition to integration with social networks, this application used extensive cookie, IP, and database tracking measures to keep contests fair and free of cheating. I designed it to be a templated system with a turnkey setup for many clients to have their own branded pages and contests. Built with HTML5, JavaScript, the GD library, and FusionCharts 2D/3D reporting. (© First Advantage)

Enterprise CRM

Designed and wrote front end for First Advantage CRM product. Built with JavaScript and the MooTools framework, integrated to Java/Groovy backend. Fully scalable UI, drag and drop components, accordion-type file tree with fully-featured context menus, fly-out navigation, FusionCharts 2D/3D reporting integration. (© First Advantage)

Employer Services Portal UI

Designed and partially-implemented user interface design from scratch. Extensive work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Adobe Creative Suite. Features fully configurable, sortable and paginated grids, cross-browser compatibility with graceful degradation, breadcrumb navigation, and more. (© First Advantage)

Miscellaneous Pages and Applications

  • Various single landing page sites for clients, such as for the CRM I built above.
  • UI design for internal job board management tools, known as PostMaster.
  • Online portfolio management app to showcase work to clients.
  • Hand-made pixel tracking program “FARSight” developed by me with extensive JavaScript and AJAX work. Tracker would record IP, browser and version, Flash and version, cookie support, JS support, OS, and other query string variables.
  • (© First Advantage)

Florida Dept of Health registration app

Designed and developed fingerprinting registration application for AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration) in Florida. Built with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/JQuery, and integrated with Google Maps and PayPal Web Payments Pro API. (© First Advantage)

Flash Web Sites – Casino Snoqualmie, Las Vegas Sands, Interactive Recruiting Site

Fun, interactive Adobe Flash sites, now mostly archived. Extensive coding in Actionscript 2.0 for effects, communication with the browser, and form data entry. Both the Snoqualmie casino and Las Vegas Sands casino sites accepted a name on the front pages to give a sense of ownership to the visitor. The Snoqualmie site featured a “reserved” placard with the entered name on it in an animated 3D scene, smoothed and skewed to look like it is naturally part of the scene. The page would then load an interactive poker table in Flash with animated playing cards for the visitor to experience various facets of working at the casino. (© First Advantage)

Citibank “4 Seasons” Career Site

This small website, archived here, featured JavaScript animation with MochaUI and MooTools, an integrated job-search (no longer functional), and a flash presentation which I created by hand and titled “4 seasons.” The animation proceeded from fall through the 4 seasons using some great Flash effects and remains one of my favorite pieces to this day. The flash piece used motion paths and tweens along with Adobe After Effects integration. (© First Advantage)

Graphite Pencil Art

Portraits, science fiction, fantasy.

Digital Art and Photography

  • “Smith Will Suffice.” A series based on Agent Smith from The Matrix.
  • Photoshop bokeh filter effect
  • 3D renderings from 3DStudio Max
  • a Corvette, for good measure