For searching logs, you will often want to see the content surrounding the string you are searching for with grep. (more…)

Setting up a 404 page on your webserver was the easy part. Now you have found that your site or application has begun to exhibit strange behaviors with redirects or variable values or sessions. Find the real 404 Not Found

You want to conceal files in a directory on your webserver. Other internet boards tell you to simply move the stupid thing out of the web directory. Chances are, you would have done that obvious thing had you been able to. Let’s fix that. Find the 404 Not Found

Date-related PHP can be one of the more… frustrating aspects of scripting. Whereas match calculations are the same no matter when or where you perform them, date calculations might appear to work properly in development and then fail later when you aren’t looking. Don’t forget your timezones!

Many younger developers don’t have an opportunity to use log files, especially in situations where they have installed their web server on their local computer and don’t need to worry about debugging their site on the fly. Learn to use your logs.

The following are scripting examples of content negotiation using the HTTP Accept header.

These examples are used to properly serve XHTML with the proper MIME media type of application/xhtml+xml. If the request header does not allow this media type, it will be served as text/html. This convention follows the W3C standard for “Recommended Media Type Usage:” See the examples