Hmmm… should you use GET or POST as the method for your HTML forms? Neither! You should be using post, actually. While the world will keep on spinning no matter how you capitalize the word, all attribute values should really be lowercase for consistency. (more…)

It occurred to me that there are many wrong ways to submit forms and I can’t recall that I have every seen the right way documented anywhere.

Here, SolidlyStated will show you a 3 step, rock-solid form submission process and why it is superior to the majority of the web. Learn the steps.

I just came across a need to do some JavaScript validation for radio buttons and had the pleasure of being reminded that radio buttons aren’t referenced as other form elements are. I decided to throw together this quick tutorial as a reminder of how to do it. Reference Radio

It is helpful for website logins to autofill usernames and passwords on HTML inputs, but can be a pain in the butt when you work with password change/reset forms or forms with credit card number fields. In these instances, you don’t want numbers to automatically fill in (or be remembered by a browser). Learn how to stop it.

I recently found myself working on a small script that needed to perform some actions upon submission of a form. We decided that this form may or may not have an existing event handlers. If I used the javascript form.onsubmit = function(e){ ... }, it would overwrite the first event. We researched various ways of making sure both events fired and that it worked across all the browsers. See how we add the event without overwriting the existing one.