There are a handful of syntax highlighting tools for WordPress. WP-Syntax, as of this post, is the most downloaded highlighter available at about 100,000 downloads. They have a lot in common and all support pretty much any scripting language you can think of. While they all use GeSHi coloring engine, the major problem I have with WP-Syntax plugin is that it’s simply a rectangle with colored code inside it. I was looking for something more. Let’s look at a better option

As if Apple didn’t already have enough ammunition against Windows Vista. It’s funny how the system can’t identify it, but knows that it is ready to use. Here’s a shot from My iPhone

This series is a review of the overclocking limits of the Core i7 860 using stock cooling, and the effects of Hyper Threading on that limit. All parts used in this test are brand new. Each part was carefully selected to work in harmony together. Your results with the Core i7 860 might vary slightly based on your configuration. If you are looking for new system, however, you will be incredibly happy with this particular set of components. Up Next, The Testing Components