Do you hate it when clouds fill up your hilltop fortress? In this article, I will provide you a way to easily remove clouds in Minecraft so that you can always see your buildings clearly.

While this simple tutorial has been done more than once, I provide you a replacement clouds image here so that you do not need to mess with MS paint or other image editing software. Get your easy fix.

If you are attempting to get a file’s MIME type with your PHP installation for the first time, you may find that the MIME type always shows up as application/x-dpkg.

In this article, I will provide you with a fixed magic.mime file and show you what is happening. Get your mime type fix

After recently vowing that I would never try to type a message on a game pad again, I went looking for the perfect keyboard to compliment my Playstation 3.

There are hundreds of keyboards to choose from and most of them won’t work with the PS3, so I decided to add an article about PS3 compatible keyboards and the awesome one I went with. Check out the Arc inside.