Being yet another port from a console (what isn’t these days?), PAYDAY The Heist is sorely lacking in graphics options on PC. Here are a few tips that might help you get some more enjoyment out of it. Get the additional options

While its great that Square Enix has frequently patched Deus Ex Human Revolution on the PC, it’s unfortunate that mouse lag still plagues many players, even using the latest Build 1.2.633. Here is an easy fix to lessen the mouse lag

Dead Rising 2 for the PC came out a year ago with a whole host of problems. Over a year later, Capcom releases Dead Rising 2: Off The Record with the SAME problems as the previous version! Find your fix.

It has been over 14 years since this piece of junk hit the internet, thanks to Internet Explorer (version 4). Many newer designers and developers have probably never encountered this JavaScript selector, but will no doubt pop up eventually. Learn the proper usage

A bit more of a problem than the screen tearing issue, the “texture streaming” in Rage for the PC is driving many gamers crazy. Get a texture fix

A quick fix for the awful screen tearing in Rage for the PC, which coupled with the streaming texture issues, are making many PC gamers very frustrated. Get the quick fix

Since you have to exit your game to make graphics changes, the Ubersampling setting in The Witcher 2 PC is hard to compare. This monster of a setting will cut your frame rate in half and here I will show you the real difference. See the comparison.