Since support for the Advertising Manager plugin ended, recent updates to WordPress have left publishers without a toolbar interface. The final released version of Advertising Manager was 3.4.19 and it no longer works after upgrading to WordPress 3.3.

I have provided a solid fix for this below so that all the fans of this plugin can continue to keep using it for the time being.

Why did Advertising Manager break?

After upgrading to WordPress 3.3, Advertising Manager no longer works for two reasons:

  • the editor toolbar is no longer ready at the time Advertising Manager tries to load.
  • the element that it attached itself next to (‘ed_spell’) no longer exists.

How do we fix it?

This fix is fool-proof, works in all browsers, and only involves a single file from the plugin. The new code waits for the editor toolbar to load and then appends the Advertising Manager select box to it.

1. Open the file wp-content\plugins\advertising-manager\lib\Advman\Template\WP2.7\Editor.php.

2. Replace the JavaScript on lines 41-48 with the following fixed code block:

toolTimer = setInterval(awaitToolbar,500);
function awaitToolbar()
    var advman_tb = document.getElementById('ed_toolbar');
    if (advman_tb) {
        if (navigator.appName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer') {
            advman_tb.innerHTML = advman_tb.innerHTML;

That’s all you have to do and your “Insert Ad…” drop down will appear on your toolbar when adding/editing posts. This fix has been tested in Internet Explorer 7,8,9, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.