Thanks to Bank of America, Turbotax is offering a 35% discount for your Federal returns. The link can be somewhat difficult to find, so I have placed it here for easy access.

Not Yet Confirmed for 2013 (2012 Returns): This link, which has lasted 2 years, is no longer offering a discount. I cannot confirm whether the additional promo code works or has expired. Intuit promises a Turbotax Online version is being rolled out December 2012, so we will probably see a new promotion then.

Confirmed for 2012 (2011 Returns): This promo was from last year, but has been confirmed working for the 2012 filing of your 2011 tax returns. Having just completed my own taxes, I noticed that the payment section at the end was still showing the original price instead of the discount. It was still correct in the end, though.

You will know the discount worked because the prices are adjusted on the very first screen.

You can see the example below, with the Bank of America promo logo. You do not need to be affiliated with BOA to take advantage of this link.

TurboTax 35% discount link for all versions.

BONUS: I just did my own 2011 tax return and used and found an additional %25 off promo code VCRKTSP6CTGOW to get the Deluxe version for $14.95!

This discount applies to the following versions:

  • Turbotax Deluxe
  • Turbotax Premiere
  • Turbotax Home & Business
35% off turbotax

Discounted Welcome Screen

Here is the payment screen for the 2011 Federal return- only $14.95!

35% off turbotax

After additional promo code

Good luck with your taxes!