It’s still three weeks until Black Friday 2012, but already the tablet wars are heating up. SolidlyStated is taking a break from the “tablet brands you never heard of” series to look at what the big brands have put at the $200 tablet price point. So what is the best $200 tablet for the 2012 holiday? After reviewing plenty of $70 or $80 tablets, these are a breath of fresh air. View the Triple Threat.

STD, HRC, and IRC are cable television formats. If your manual doesn’t explain it (always RTFM!), you are here for help in scanning (auto programming) channels for their HDTV. Choose wisely.

While Google has been working on an operating system for some time now, I haven’t seen any response about the Chrome OS since Google released Chromebook in June. If you aren’t familiar with their new device, I will give you the solid info here. Learn about Chromebook.

When installing Samsung’s Magictune application, users may experience an error message that does not allow the program to run, even though it installs fine. See the easy fix.