Eager to play Bioshock Infinite, I reloaded Bioshock 2 on my PC to tide me over until its 2012 release. When setting up my video options to the max, I noticed that “Force Global Lighting” was off, while all the other options were on. I decided to make sure everyone knows the difference because it sounds confusing with no context. Learn about global lighting.

If you see 2 explorer processes running when you open the task manager, you might think there is something wrong with your Windows installation. However, this is a normal behavior for Windows and you might have inadvertently checked a box that causes folder views to run on the second process. See the setting.

The Modern Warfare 3 trailer is now out, first broadcast during the NBA Western Conference Finals game 4 on May 23, 2011. Watch it now!

The creator of the LCD has just unveiled the world’s first 4320p television. I rarely showcase articles that involve news, but this piece of hardware was too cool to pass up. Learn all about UHDTV.

Calibrating multiple monitors can be a real pain, especially if they aren’t the same models. To make matters worse, Photoshop might be altering your image colors on the fly with the help of your GPU. See the cause and solution.

After many Minecraft updates, users experience crashes when trying to start the game with their favorite texture packs. They are also experiencing a crash when selecting a texture pack in the menu. I will provide a quick solution so you can get back to mining and crafting. Get the fix.