Need For Speed The Run
Force Feedback: Full
Pedals: Separate
Shift Lights: Yes
Released: Nov 15, 2011

This article is part of our long-running series: The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel for Casual Racing Gamers. Here, I will cover setting up your G27 racing wheel to play NFS: The Run. The 18th game in the series, The Run was developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. The Run features arcade style action reminiscent of NFS: Undercover or NFS: Most Wanted. Need For Speed: The Run

While Google has been working on an operating system for some time now, I haven’t seen any response about the Chrome OS since Google released Chromebook in June. If you aren’t familiar with their new device, I will give you the solid info here. Learn about Chromebook.

Here is a list of all currently available professional workstation graphics cards that are DirectX 11 capable, along with links to product details for each.

This list is current as of July 22, 2011. See the list.

The creator of the LCD has just unveiled the world’s first 4320p television. I rarely showcase articles that involve news, but this piece of hardware was too cool to pass up. Learn all about UHDTV.

Nvidia released the GeForce GT 520 last week without any fanfare or marketing. The GT 520 will be the new entry level product and may confuse buyers who also notice the previously released GT 430. See the difference.

Shift 2 Unleashed

NFS: Shift 2 Unleashed
Force Feedback: Full
Pedals: Separate
Shift Lights: No
Released: Mar 29, 2011

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The Creative Sound Blaster ARENA Surround USB Gaming Headset. That’s quite a title. In this article, I’ll show you the good and bad of this near-premium headset.

Every now and then I write about something that I don’t recommend as a purchase. Not every Solid Review portrayed products in the best light. I like to ensure my readers get an unbiased review. This is one of them.

After recently vowing that I would never try to type a message on a game pad again, I went looking for the perfect keyboard to compliment my Playstation 3.

There are hundreds of keyboards to choose from and most of them won’t work with the PS3, so I decided to add an article about PS3 compatible keyboards and the awesome one I went with. Check out the Arc inside.

There has been a large amount of debate over backwards compatibility on the PS3, which seems to flare up every time a new version of the system is released.

With the holiday season coming to an end, many new owners might be wondering whether their new Fall 2010 models can play PSOne and PS2 games. Find out inside.

This article exists to solidly state the truth about optical cables and audio limitations. It can be very confusing for people to set up new electronics that have come out in recent years (I know, I sold for a major electronics retailer for years).

I have seen a wealth of both information and misinformation about audio specifically around the internet, so I will discuss what you can and can’t do with different cables and show you what you need to enjoy your PS3 or Blu Ray audio. (more…)