If you have just started playing Codemaster’s Dirt 2 and found that you are unable to enter a profile name when asked to, there is an easy fix.

The Problem

When I was preparing to write my Dirt 2 article for the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel, I found that I was unable to change my profile name from “Player One.” I could click on the first and last name and hear a click, but nothing would happen.

The Reason

As it turns out, the Windows Live interface is tied to the profile name and has to open a window when the field is edited. This window, for one reason or another, cannot be opened when a game controller is attached under Dirt 2 version 1.0.

Dirt 2 Profile Set Up

Profile Setup

The Solution

I simply unplugged my steering wheel, restarted the game, and was able to type into my profile. Of course, this was all before I patched my game to version 1.1. After patching the game, you are able to edit your profile name with the peripheral connected.

If this quick fix helped you, leave a message!