If you noticed that suddenly you have a new Netflix profile that called “KiDS,” you are not alone.

This is a not-so-new part of the Netflix programming that looks at what you have watched and is trying to suggest to you a profile that limits what rating of shows or movies it can stream. It is likely that, based on some show or movie you watched at some point, Netflix thinks you have children.


Solid Tip: Don’t worry about this new account that just showed up. Yes, it is annoying and yes, you CAN delete it.


If you have kids, you might find this helpful. In addition to being able to delete the profile, you can select the age range between Little Kids, Older Kids, Teens, and Adults.

Simply click your profile in the upper right, then select “Manage Profiles.” Then select “Edit,” and you will see the KiDS profile.

The option “Kids 12 & Under” is checked here, which limits the age range to Little Kids and Older Kids. Unchecking this allows Teens and Adults, but that defeats its purpose.

You can also Delete the KiDS profile here.